Hi! I’m Sam, a 20-something gal living in San Diego, California. I’m an organic obsesser, a fashion admirer, and I caught the travel bug when I studied abroad in Paris during college. I’m a huge foodie and Yelp-aholic, always looking for the next great find for my taste buds. I believe in drinking green juice but never skipping dessert; I love getting my sweat on but I’m a sucker for an afternoon nap. My roots are spread in multiple places; born in Massachusetts, moved to Orange County, attended college in San Diego… and staying for the sunshine. I’m a happy, independent, curious human who is ready for my next adventure… starting this blog! Hope you enjoy!

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I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Journalism and Public Relations and have started my career in PR at a local San Diego digital marketing agency. I absolutely love what I do, the people I work with, and the city I live in. The final nudge for me to start my own blog came from working with bloggers on a daily basis in PR. I admire bloggers and follow quite a few on my own, and seeing other people use this platform to reach a larger audience really inspired me. I want to share with, educate and inspire people in the same way. I also have an amazing team of people at my fingertips to help me along the way, which certainly doesn’t hurt. 🙂

Wondering how I chose the name “The Salty Twig?” Find out here!