20 Nov Wine by the Glass by Vinebox

Vinebox: The Wine by the Glass Subscription Service

What’s the worst thing about trying a new wine? My first thought is nothing, wine is delicious and I could bathe in it. My second thought is that if I’m trying a new wine I don’t know if I’ll really like it and could run the risk of it being overly-sweet or too spicy. You could be a fan of red blends (me) and buy a red blend that tastes more like a dessert wine and is overly sweet or is deeply earthy and peppery. On the other hand, you could be a fan of chardonnay (me, again) and buy a chardonnay that tastes more like a sauvignon blanc and is too sweet. Few things are more frustrating than trying a new wine that actually sucks.

I’m a craft cocktail and wine gal; I actually hate beer. I don’t finish a full bottle when I drink wine (usually…) and sometimes end up buying a new wine to check out and it’s a total fail and I end up dumping it. I know, a true wine crime to dump out a whole bottle, but sometimes it’s just that bad.

I just checked out Vinebox and I am so hooked on it and I think you would be too if you love wine. It’s perfect for me because instead of wine subscriptions that send full bottles, Vinebox is by the glass. The subscription starts at $25 a month and you get a set of three “glasses” of wine. The packaging is so sleek and simple; it literally looks like a book when you get it in the mail and the wines come in vials each with a note-card that includes the name of the wine, region, year, how it tastes, what to pair with, and a fun fact on the wine.



How it works

1) You take a quiz about your wine preferences

2) Vinebox curates a selection of 3 wines (they also offer 6 for you and your partner)

3) It arrives at your doorstep, which means you’re already winning because package deliveries are the best thing ever


5) If you love a wine you received you can order a full bottle


The wines

Now, onto the wine. The founders of Vinebox, Matt Dukes and Rachel Vodofsky, created the company to bring small, European wine producers to you and me and made it possible with a closed-nitrogen environment to prevent the wines from ever coming in contact with oxygen. The wines taste exactly how it would at the vineyards in Europe when they arrive at your door.


The coolest part about this is that Vinebox has partnerships with vineyards that don’t sell wine at your local stores. These wines have never been imported to the U.S. They come from the hidden gems that you’d stumble across at hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Tuscany, Bordeaux, and Burgundy to name a few. They’re exclusive, special occasion wines that make you at least feel like you’re enjoying a glass of wine in Italy or France.


Vinebox lets me enjoy an amazing glass of wine after work without having to open a full bottle. I also have to give them some props on their website and branding, which is so on point. Check our their website and let me know what you think! This would make a killer holiday gift too, just sayin’ 😉



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