30 Oct Interview with Iris + Poppy Founder and Boss Lady

Brand spotlight coming at you from one of my favorite boutiques, Iris + Poppy! I recently discovered this online boutique through Instagram and I am SO happy that I did because it is a beautifully-curated collection of clothes that are 100% my style – casual chic with statement pieces you can dress up or down.

Iris + Poppy supports charity organizations with 10% of profits going to a charity every month. It also supports a wide variety of U.S.-made, sustainable, handmade and female-led brands. I mean come onnnnnn.

I had the chance to hear a little bit more about Cassie Karl, founder and girl boss behind Iris + Poppy, and her inspiration to launch the boutique! Read the interview below and scope the amazing pieces I got to check out – seriously swoon-worthy.


Shop this amazing top situation, the “Jagger Blouse” here.


The tie details are so good and can be worn in the front or back!



This bomber jacket is the “Crossfire Bomber” and I may have worn it the past three days…

Alright, let’s get to the interview!

What inspired you to start Iris + Poppy?

Cassie: I’ve wanted to own a boutique since I was literally 10. I’ve always loved fashion and this was the dream job for me. I never saw myself working for some other fashion brand, I wanted to BE a fashion brand. Thankfully Iris + Poppy is so much more than the boutique I wanted when I was 10. When I got serious about starting Iris + Poppy, I wanted to have a brand that goes beyond basic consumerism. Everything we sell has some sort of greater meaning behind it – whether it’s handmade or just from a company that’s also run by female entrepreneurs.

You donate 10% of profits to charity – what made you decide to do this and what types of charities do you support?

Cassie: I just feel so damn lucky – to have the life I do, to be an entrepreneur and live my dream, to have awesome people who support it all. So sharing that just made sense. I wanted to be able to give back to communities, non-profits and causes that support people who aren’t so lucky. We donate to a different charity each month. Sometimes it’s an obvious one (October is Keep A Breast) but sometimes it will literally just be a charity that someone we know (or don’t) feels passionate about and asked us to consider it. So anyone reading this, EMAIL US SUGGESTIONS!

What motivates you as a female entrepreneur?

Cassie: Being a female entrepreneur. Haha does that work as an answer? I love seeing all the #BossBabes out there and the community and support that exists around women owning their own business or whatever their hustle may be. Every day I come across another female entrepreneur that is just absolutely killing it and it makes me so excited to be chasing my dreams too.

How would you describe your personal style?

Cassie: Super casual. I’m in jeans, a graphic tee and Vans 97% of the time. I have been trying to be better about switching it up…

What’s one big lesson you’ve learned from starting your own business?

Cassie: To be patient every step of the way. Because it’s your baby you want things to happen immediately, or go a certain way, and it causes serious anxiety when they don’t. Patience has literally been my biggest challenge.

What’s next for Iris + Poppy or what is your long-term goal for the brand?

Cassie: Long-term we like the idea of having a physical location of some sort, but it definitely won’t be a traditional retail store. We also are excited to continue partnering + collaborating with rad babes + brands who share our vision!



Huge shout out to Cassie for connecting and for spreading positive energy and female entrepreneurship through this gorgeous shop! It’s the people behind these brands, their motivation and kind spirits that really create the magic. Looking forward to what’s next for Iris + Poppy – I know it will be big things!

Also, huge shout out to @ricardoharophotography for the photos!!

Know any other cool brands that are led by empowered women? I would love to hear to add to my Christmas shopping lists! In the meantime, check out the Iris + Poppy website for the dreamiest collection that your closet just might need. You can also find them on Instagram at @shopirisandpoppy.




  • Cynthia Mayer
    Posted at 11:30h, 31 October Reply

    I really enjoyed your very interesting interview with Cassie Karl. I am proud of her for following her dream.

  • Terri Becker
    Posted at 20:24h, 31 October Reply

    Love Iris + Poppy attitude and vision…you will go far!

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