08 Oct Brand Spotlight: Sol-ti Cold-Pressed, Organic Juice

When I first tried Sol-ti a few months ago I was convinced it was the best juice I had ever tasted. The flavors were so unique and the ingredients complemented each other so well. Now I know it’s the best juice ever made after getting a glimpse into their story and process of the juicing.

I attended probably the cutest vegan brunch ever with food catered by Bar Kindred (new vegan spot in North Park) and juice tastings straight from the tap at the Sol-ti tasting room in San Diego. We got to hear from CEO Ryne O’Donnell and get a peak into the full juice process and woah, was I impressed.

Any time I meet creative people and hear from brands that are doing something awesome for the world – in this case, for the environment and for our bodies – I get a huge sense of peace and happiness; plus, it motivates me to do the same.

I wanted to share a little about this brand in a brand spotlight so hopefully after reading this you feel inspired to do something awesome and to never sacrifice quality of your mind, body or soul.


What is Sol-ti?

Sol-ti is a San Diego-based, cold-pressed juice company that is doing it right. First, all the ingredients are organic and non-GMO, and the company gets in new fruit and veggie shipments every week to ensure the juice is as nutrient-dense as possible – this stuff is never frozen. The produce and the final product are both stored in a 38-degree room to keep it fresh until it’s either turned into the juice or the finished cases of juice are shipped to one of its distributors.


This brand is also eco-friendly! Sol-ti created the first glass-bottled, light-filtered, organic juices out there. The glass bottles are better for the environment than plastic bottles and they can be re-used. I use mine to bring coffee to work!

The Process

They have an incredibly impressive process to make the juices that locks in nutrients. The fact that the machine they process the juice in is from Italy and took 16 years to build alone is impressive enough. This thing is legit:


Sol-ti sources high-quality, organic produce that is washed and made into a pulp, where it then enters the cold press. At this point, the juice doesn’t touch the air until it gets to the consumer. When you open the bottle as the end consumer, it’s literally the first time that the juice has touched the air since it entered the cold press, so it still has all of the flavor and aroma it started with.

Sol-ti uses a light filtration process that preserves the juices and teas without pasteurizing it. The juice flows through glass tubes where it’s exposed to UV light and then goes straight to the bottling process. Other juice companies use plastic bottles because they’re needed for high-pressure pasteurization, but since Sol-ti is light filtered, it can be bottled in glass.

You can watch a video on the whole Sol-ti process too – it’s kind of mesmerizing 🙂

Where can you find Sol-ti?

San Diegans can get Sol-ti in tons of locations. Here’s just a few:

  • Peace Pies
  • Plant Power Fast Food
  • Native Foods
  • The Patio
  • Nordstrom Ebar
  • Herb & Wood
  • Whole Foods

Not a San Diego local? You can find Sol-ti in stores all over Southern California, Portland, Denver, Texas, New York, and even Hawaii. You can also purchase online at and use their store locator to find a retailer near you.

The Spread

There was vegan french toast and a super tasty and crunchy salad with pomegranate seeds from Bar Kindred, make-your-own açai bowls from Robeks, and, of course, Sol-ti juice!




My favorite Sol-ti juice is hands down the Reishi Turmeric SuperAde (below). This guy is made with Reishi Mushroom, which is an adaptogen (relieves stress – yep, I had to look that up) as well as Turmeric, which is both anti-inflammatory and an adaptogen, plus it helps purify your blood. There’s also lemon for alkalizing and cleansing your system and maple syrup, which contains calcium, iron, potassium and minerals. It’s all non-GMO, vegan, and organic. *swoon*


I haven’t tried a flavor I didn’t like. The Charcoal Lemonade is refreshing, the Orange Juice is perfectly tangy, and the Gingermade is perfection for a healthy recharge.

Buy Organic & Support Local

I love this brand because it is environmentally-friendly, organic, and the people behind the brand are genuine, good people. The CEO of Sol-ti, Ryne, his wife Lindsay, and their two kids Zaedyn and Zaya are all raw vegans and just about the cutest family I’ve ever seen.


The Sol-ti family + social media manager Katherine!

It’s so cool to see people who are so passionate about what they put into their bodies and what they do to bring that same quality to others.

Thank you for having me, Sol-ti!



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