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23 Nov Ethical Holiday Gift Shopping with Purpose Jewelry

Holiday Gift-Giving

One of my guilty pleasures is online shopping. I mean, there’s nothing quite like walking in the door after a day at work to a new package; it’s like a gift to yourself. I’m also one of those people who LOVE to give gifts and I spend a lot of time putting thought into what those gifts should be. Christmas is the ultimate holiday for me because I get to give thoughtful gifts to the people I love most. I usually start my Christmas shopping as early as August and finish in November because I hate last minute shopping and it lets me spread out the expenses over a few months instead of taking a huge hit to my bank account in December. Yep, it’s not even Thanksgiving and I’ve finished all my holiday gift shopping – shocker 🙂

Helping Brands Who Help Others

After attending The Yellow Conference in August, I made the decision to rethink the way I online shop and shop in general. The conference supported a number of brands that have social impacts that I had never heard of but had perfect gift ideas for the holidays. Yes, shopping at department stores like Nordstrom is a lot of fun, but many of the brands carried in department stores aren’t the ones who are directly making an impact on communities around the world. The companies that ARE making a difference, are the ones I decided to prioritize this holiday season. My mentality for helping brands that are helping others: if you’re going to spend the money anyways and you’re going to buy something similar, why not help those who really need it?

Brands I love: Purpose Jewelry

One of the brands that I’m supporting this year is Purpose Jewelry. The company donates 100% of the proceeds to a non-profit called International Sanctuary, which provides education, scholarships, medical care, and job training to women and girls rescued from modern day slavery. Here’s some of the pieces I ordered:


The brand offers bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings and each piece is hand-made. Purpose also has some holiday gifts like sets of Christmas cards. I’m all about getting unique cards from small shops, so this was a great way to get a handful of cards supporting a good cause. Some of my favorite pieces from Purpose:


Each order from Purpose Jewelry comes with an information card about the brand and a tag on each piece of jewelry with the name of the woman who hand-crafted it… makes you feel pretty great about helping others and adds a personal touch. Plus, when it comes to holiday gifts, it not only makes you feel good about who you’re helping, but also makes whoever you’re giving the gift to feel like they’re making an impact too.



I love simple rings and stacking bands together, so I opted for the Unity Rings in gold and a silver Chevron Necklace as holiday gifts for some of my close friends.

Some other brands you can check out for some seriously awesome holiday gifts:

  • Parker Clay – hand-crafted leather goods made in Ethiopia
  • Unlock Hope Uganda – partnered with Think Humanity, helping young refugees girls in Uganda
  • 31 Bits – 100% recycled beads made by women in Uganda (and SO cute)
  • S’well – water bottles that give back supporting UNICEF and providing clean water to children

Have you found any other inspiring socially conscious brands that you’re supporting this holiday season? Let me know in the comments!!



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