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28 Aug Feels from The Yellow Conference

Changing perspective after attending The Yellow Conference

So, it’s been a while. I’m sure you’re wondering where the F I have been, so I’m about to get real.

After launching my blog, some of the things that made me so excited to start a blog, so sure that I would succeed, became a major stress factor in my life. For one, I work at a digital marketing agency doing PR. From my job, I’ve learned SEO, content optimization, photoshop, and so many rules to having a website and blog. While most people would see this as an advantage, as it certainly is for a blogger, it became a hindrance for me. Instead of using my passion for writing to creatively share something on my blog, it became a grueling process of optimizing, adding title tags, changing keywords, and over-analyzing. I could write three pages in an hour, but the time it takes to optimize and follow the “rules of blogging” became a gigantic pain in my ass. Being a perfectionist also doesn’t help. I kept making excuses for not having the time to blog, even though it’s the absolute best way for me to fuel my creativity and I love it.

Fortunately for me, I was able to attend The Yellow Conference in LA this past Thursday and Friday. Let’s just say I think it changed my life. I’m going to do another post with more details on the conference, but a quick summary for ya…

The Yellow Conference is an annual conference in LA created by Joanna Waterfall and this was its third year. It’s centered around creative, entrepreneurial women and includes panels, guest speakers, awesome brands and more inspiration than you could ever imagine. You can read all about The Yellow Conference here.

Yellow Conference 2

After attending The Yellow Conference, I’m going to change directions a bit with my blog. I am so inspired by the women (and a few men) who were at the conference who are using their businesses to make an impact for the greater good, rather than just make a buck for themselves. Each business that was present at the event is helping those who can’t help themselves to make our world a better place. From employing women in third world countries, to donating headbands to children with cancer, each business there has a purpose and an impact that makes a difference and changes lives for the better. More to come on the brands who were at The Yellow Conference!

On the second day, we did an activity where we broke out into small groups and each wrote down something we’re passionate about and want to be doing but for whatever reason are not currently doing. We were challenged to find a way to fuel this passion while having a greater social impact. Then we wrote down the five obstacles keeping us from doing it, followed by a group discussion on solutions to these obstacles. This was the turning point in the conference for me and forced me to really think about what I can and should be doing.

So, that’s when I decided the new direction for my blog. In addition to some travels and foodie escapades, every month, I’m going to feature a brand that’s doing something rad. Something that’s awe-inspiring, impactful, and positive. I’ll share the business and why they’re so awesome with you guys and in so do my part to spread the word about brands that are doing social good. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

If you have any ideas on brands you’d like to see featured, please let me know!

I challenge you to think of something you love, something you could spend 10,000 hours doing and not get tired of, and think of how you could do that thing to help yourself feel fulfilled and to help other people. Then, get started. You don’t have to change the world right now, everything happens in small steps and small moments, but the only way you’re going to start is if you take that first small step. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up changing the world.

Highlighting a socially impactful brand that inspires me each month is just my first step, and I plan on expanding upon this. But, you’ll never get anything done if you don’t start, so here I go.

xx Sam

P.S. If you missed The Yellow Conference this year, GO NEXT YEAR! You can also sign up for The Yellow Collective by September 1st. It’s a quarterly membership for $99 that includes an “Empowerment Box” of awesome goodies, digital resources, and in-person gatherings to keep you in touch with other like-minded, creative and entrepreneurial women who are in the same boat as you. Read all about it here!

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