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13 Mar The 5 Best ClassPass Studios in San Diego

I’ve been taking ClassPass classes almost every single day now and I couldn’t imagine my life without it…

Never thought I’d say that! I’ve never been a lover of fitness and usually go through phases of not working out for months. Working out is hard; finding your groove at the gym and being self-motivating throughout every workout is not my cup of tea.

So why do I love ClassPass?

It’s because I love the group fitness vibes, I push myself and am motivated by my peers and instructor, and I and feel good both during and post-workout – this is a first.

Soo why will YOU love ClassPass?

  • You can schedule classes directly from your phone (convenience is key)
  • The 12 hour minimum cancellation holds you accountable to making it to your workout. $15 for a missed class = two acai bowls, which sounds a lot better than throwing money away
  • There are SO many options to choose from – pilates, barre, spin, boxing, yoga etc.
  • It’s only $100 a month, compared to typical unlimited studio memberships that can cost upwards of $200 a month

My picks for the top 5 ClassPass studios in San Diego

  1. SPARKCYCLE (La Jolla) – to all you SoulCyclers, SPARKCYCLE is San Diego’s version of this high-energy, intense cardio workout. You’ll listen to loud, electronic or sometimes throwback (Backstreet Boys, oh yes) music during the 45-minute ride and get a solid motivational speech from your instructor. This class is ideal for letting out any stress from the day and feeling like a team as you ride to the beat of the music with over 40 others. The studio provides cool, eucalyptus towels to refresh and dry off the gallon of sweat you just poured out.
  2. Pilates Plus Pacific Beach – this class is hard. It’s a reformer-based full-body workout and will leave your core singin’. Think planks, squats, flutter kicks, pull-ups – all on a reformer. The studio is a 30-second walk from my house, which makes it ideal for a pre-work sweat, plus the class is only 40 minutes. Trust me, your ass will be fully kicked in that time. The studio also offers a Pilates & TRX class – think one-legged TRX burpees followed by a minute plank on the reformer… ouch.
  3. Studio Barre (Bird Rock) – this cute little studio just had its 1 year anniversary! If you’re new to Barre, it’s a ballet-based workout (no ballet experience required) that uses small, isometric movements to lift, tone & burn. The inside of Studio Barre looks like a legit ballet studio, with a hard-wood floor, wall-to-wall mirrors and of course, the ballet bar. The instructors are all SO nice and help you perfect your form. Bonus: they have the most amazing smelling candles and cute fitness apparel in their boutique at the front of the studio.
  4. Pilates Plus La Jolla – Surprisingly there is no affiliation between this studio and Pilates Plus Pacific Beach. They are, however, equally as difficult. This class is also reformer-based and one of the hardest pilates classes I’ve ever taken, which I love :). The studio also has a small spin room in the back for their half-spin, half-pilates class, which I have yet to take. It’s right down the street from SPARKCYCLE, so if you’re trying to get a full cardio workout in before pilates it’s possible!
  5. TITLE Boxing Gym – I’ve only been to the studio in North Park, but holyyyy… sweat. The class begins with a 15-minute straight cardio workout and is followed by boxing. You’ll be sweating in 5, panting after the warm-up and fully collapsing when it’s over. BUT, it’s a killer workout, gives you a chance to punch something as hard as you want (visualize someone’s face…I’m thinking Trump?), and you’ll leave feeling accomplished and like a total badass, duh.

If you’re trying to workout almost every day of the month, you’ll need to find at least 8 studios, since there is a 3 class per month limitation for every studio. Luckily for you, there’s WAY more than that offered and I’ve yet to experience a class I didn’t like.

I’m always down to try out a new class, so let me know any other studio suggestions below!


[Pictured: S’well water bottle, teosox pilates and barre socks, Nike sports bra & Lululemon Pace Rival Crop]

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