13 Mar Cowles Mountain Hike – Mission Trails Regional Park

If you’re looking for a quick workout with stellar views, check out Cowles Mountain in Mission Trails Regional Park. If you think you’re in good shape, this hike will make you realize that your cardio could proooobably use some work…


It’s pretty much straight switchback for 1.5 miles to the peak. You’ll definitely get a heavy sweat going and a nice cardio workout in, plus the view from the top is amazing. We made it up in about 35 minutes and made it down in half the time. Even though the full loop is only 3 miles, the trail is rated as moderate, probably because of the steep switchbacks and rocky terrain. If you take it slow, this hike is definitely on the easy side. With the bf leading the way and charging the mountain like the bear from The Revenant was chasing us, I started to feel like I was going to have a heart attack about 15 minutes in, but caught my second wind and noticed the young kids and small dogs making it up and had a *get your shit together* moment. I survived 🙂

You can see all of San Diego from the peak, including downtown and the coastline.


Cowles Hike

I also love that throughout this hike there are wildflowers and plenty of photo opps.  The colors of all the rocks and reddish-orange clay makes you feel like you’re not in San Diego. I wore my Nike frees but would recommend wearing shoes with a little more ankle support, since there are areas with a lot of rocks.

Another pretty hike in SD means another reason to get out of the house and go outside 🙂

xx Sam

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