Why The Salty Twig Desk

11 Mar Why “The Salty Twig”

How I chose the name “The Salty Twig”

I’ve been thinking about starting a lifestyle blog for over a year now and one of the main reasons it’s taken me so long is because it’s SO HARD to choose a name. I can be pretty indecisive, which made this process even more difficult. The hardest part was committing to a name that alludes to the topics I’m covering without being too blunt like “Food and Travel Blog” *yawn.* I started brainstorming with a long list of words that describe in some way what my blog will be about. This process continued for over six months and I mulled over lists and lists of words with nothing that truly meant something to me.

Why The Salty Twig Desk

I ultimately chose “The Salty Twig” because I feel it encompasses two of my blog’s main components: food and travel. I had a complete light-bulb moment sitting on my couch chatting with a girlfriend and decided to go with it. Salty makes a lot of sense to me and my blog because I’m a huge foodie and I always crave salty over sweet. I also live in San Diego about a five minute walk to the beach, so the salty sea breeze and ocean make it a perfect fit geographically. I adore exploring new places and traveling around the world, so Twig to me symbolizes being outdoors, hiking and adventuring to new beautiful places. I tacked on a “The” and ta-da! Presto blogo. I like the ring it has to it and its meaning to me represents what I’m here to share with you!

My advice to fellow aspiring bloggers would be to not overthink it. Overthinking just pushed back my timeline and made me question even starting a blog to begin with. Go with your gut and make it happen.

xx Sam

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